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1992 Holstein Grey - 16.31/2 h / 1.72 m

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International Stallion Guide

The International Stallion Guide for Sport Horses publication is a treasured resource for those interested in sport horse and warmblood genetics and the value they have on today's breeding programs. Stallion profiles are laid out in a professional format with stud fees, photos, contact information, a three generation pedigree and competition results. In addition, each annual publication includes the very popular "Reference Sire" section featuring 10 legends whose names are found throughout modern day pedigrees and their contribution to current sport horse breeding programs. With its "coil binding", this high quality publication is a collectable book that will bring years of enjoyment to horse breeders.

2012 International Stallion Guide
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2012 International Stallion Guide
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Stallion Guide Back Issues

2012 Edition (2012 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Donnerhall
  • Escudo I
  • Farn
  • For Pleasure
  • Furioso II
  • Grande
  • Grannus
  • Landadel
  • Landgraf I
  • Lugano I

2011 Edition (2011 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Acord II
  • Ahorn
  • Burggraaf
  • Calido I
  • Capitol I
  • Cassini I
  • Cor De La Bryere
  • Cottage Son XX
  • Cruising
  • Darco

2009–2010 Edition (2009–2010 Table of Contents)

2008 Olympic Gold Medal Horses:

  • Hickstead
  • Marius Voigt-Logistik
  • Keltec Salinero
  • Authentic
  • Carlsson Vom Dach
  • Cedric
  • Sapphire
  • Bonaparte
  • Elvis Va
  • Satchmo
  • Butts Leon
  • FRH Butts Abraxxas
  • Mr. Medicott
  • The Ghost of Hamish

2008 Edition (2008 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Sandro (Sacramento Song xx x Duerte)
  • Sea Crest (Knockboy x Sea Spray)
  • Ulft (Le Mexico x Pia)
  • Voltaire (Furioso II x Gogo Moeve)
  • Warkant (World Cup x Grandel)
  • Welt As (Weltmeister x Elfene)
  • Weltmeyer (World Cup x Anka)
  • Wenderkreis (Ferdinand x Domgottin)
  • Woermann (Woehler x Mandat)
  • Zeus (Arlequin x Arielle)

2007 Edition (sold out) (2007 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Nimmerdor (Farn x Ramonaa)
  • Pik Bube I (Pik Koenig x Franka)
  • Pilot (Pilatus x Gratia)
  • Polydor (Pilatus x Fata Morgana)
  • Prince Thatch xx (Thatch x Petroleuse)
  • Quidam de Revel (Jalisco B x Dirka)
  • Ramiro (Raimond x Valine)
  • Ramzes x (Rittersporn x Jordi)
  • Rantzau xx (Foxlight x Rancune)
  • Rubinstein I (Rosenkavalier x Antine)

2006 Edition (sold out) (2006 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Ladykiller xx (Sailing Light x Lone Beech)
  • Landadel (Langraf I x Novella)
  • Landgraf I (Ladykiller xx x Warthburg)
  • Lauries Crusador xx (Welsh Pageant x Square Note)
  • Le Mexico Keur (Mexico x Peche Melba)
  • Lucky Boy xx (Compromise x Sejane)
  • Lugano I (Der Lowe xx x Altwunder)
  • Man O'war xx (Fair Play x Mahuba)
  • Nearco xx (Pharos x Nogara)
  • Olympic Ferro (Ulft x Brenda)

2005 Edition (sold out) (2005 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Ferdinand (Ferrara x Herzenskind)
  • Florestan (Fidelio x Raute)
  • Furioso xx (Furiosco xx x Dame de Ranville)
  • Galoubet A (Alme x Viti)
  • Gotthard (Goldfisch II x Ampa)
  • Grande (Graf x Duellfest)
  • Hyperion xx (Gainsborough x Selene)
  • Inshallah AA (Isreal x Resena)
  • Jalisco B (Alme x Tanagra)
  • King of Diamonds (Errigal x Ruby)

2004 Edition (sold out) (2004 Table of Contents)

Reference Sires:

  • Abglanz (Termit x Abendluft)
  • Alme (Ibrahim x Girondine)
  • Argentinus (Argentan x Dorle)
  • Bolero (Black Sky x Baronesse)
  • Burggraaf (Landgraf I x Loanda)
  • Clover Hill (Golden Breaker xx x Ohilly Beauty)
  • Cor de la Bryere (Rantzau xx x Quenotte)
  • Der Lowe xx (Lehnsherrin x Wahnfreid)
  • Donnerhall (Donnerwetter x Ninette)
  • Duft II (Duellant x Gotensage)

2003 Edition (sold out) (2003 Table of Contents)


The publication is a unique resource for warmblood stallions/sporthorse stallion breeders who are interested in world-class international warmblood sporthorse stallions from multiple registries. This is one of the most comprehensive Canadian and American Warmblood Stallion Guide/Sporthorse Stallion Guide available.

The Internation Stallion Guide runs a Stallion Service Auction every year. This warmblood auction is great oppurtunity for warmblood sporthorse breeders in search of today's superior bloodlines and performance records for world-class stallions that have semen available in North America for the breeding season.

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